Performing Arts & Literary Society (PALS) is a 501(c)3 public charity that produce quality stage plays and literature that inspire, raise awareness, educate and advocate for social justice and personal development .  Our objective is to serve as a catalyst to educate the community, organizations, schools,  and  churches, utilizing the performing  and literary arts as a mechanism to raise awareness of social issues and concerns (such as domestic violence , homelessness, abortion, suicide, low self-worth, etc.),  which are often difficult to convey through traditional and standardized means.  PALS is the “tree trunk” with branches reaching out to dedicated and compassionate playwrights, performing artists,  promoters,  directors,  poets, educators, publishers, humanitarians, advocates, and authors who are utilizing their gifts to make a “difference” in their communities.


 Broadening Communication :

Our vision is to provide tools for members of the community, religious organizations , law enforcement agencies , family support, youth, and civic groups,  to address and discuss “sensitive” subject matters in a more informal and non-threatening way, by using the performing arts as a visual “megaphone” or spring board for opening a channel of communication .
Social Development :

To cultivate a “love” for the arts and writing by  providing inner-city youth and adults, who have an interest in theater or book publishing ; yet, lack the means to pursue formalized training, a vehicle of expression, through community-based theatrical productions and book publishing/journaling classes, seminars , and workshops.

Our Two-fold Purpose :

Literary:   PALS believe that “expression” relieves “depression”.  Story-telling and journaling your life experiences can be very therapeutic and could potentially ease the stress and depression associated with the cares of this life, not to mention the inspiration and motivation it provides. We all have a story to tell!  In the words of Don Miquel Ruiz, “Every human is an artist.   And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story.” It is our purpose to motivate and inspire a generation of “modern day griots”, who will journal their thoughts as a means of releasing unprofitable and unproductive actions and reactions, and furthermore, publish “timeless” masterpieces for others to read and learn.

Performing Arts:   Performing Arts is the visual expression of parables; stories that people can see, relate, and apply to their daily lives.  From a theological perspective, Jesus used a fundamental principle entitled “parables” to teach his disciples.   PALS purpose is make disciples (learners) by impacting the lives of others with dramatic interpretation through theatrical productions.   The enactment or reenactment of “true-to-life” depictions can “reach out and touch” patrons in comprehensive ways that lecturing and preaching may lack.  A visual presentation is an excellent manner to illuminate a more controversial topic or circumstance.
  • We will enlist the assistance of theater professionals to train and provide underprivileged students and aspiring performing artists the knowledge and experience to participate in various aspects of professional theater to offers quality training for tomorrow's artist.

  • We will recruit instructors who are professionals, qualified in teaching and/or performing, who must understand our mission statement , values, objectives and goals.

  • Provide internships/fellowships for aspiring artists that will afford students the opportunity to work alongside theatre professionals.